Accessing Healthcare in Slovenia

Competent health insurance institute:

Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije (ZZZS)
The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (HIIS)

Miklošičeva cesta 24
SI-1000 Ljubljana

The ZZZS has 10 regional units and 45 branch units located across Slovenia. All units offer information on health insurance in Slovenia, as well as information about medical practitioners and health care institutions that have contractual agreements with the ZZZS, making it possible to access medical services with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) , which is a substitute for the European card. the insured persons can implement their rights deriving from compulsory health insurance at institutions or surgeries that operate within the framework of the public health care service. The framework of the public health care service consists of public health care and other institutions, and private practice doctors and other health care practitioners, incorporated into the network on equal terms on the basis of concessions. A list of these service providers (public and private) is available on web pages. At the end of 2013, the national public network encompassed 212 public institutions and 1.569 private practice doctors and other health care practitioners under contract to Institute. In 2013, the public institutions carrying out health care programmes under contract to Institute, consisted of 60 health care centres, 26 hospitals, 24 pharmacies, 88 nursing institutions... In addition to private practitioners and 13 health resorts, participating in the public health care network under contract to Institute, health care services are also provided by the so called "purely private practitioners". All the services by such practitioners, with the exception of emergency medical aid, are to be paid directly by the patients. In 2013, ZZZS also concluded agreements with 411 suppliers of medical devices for providing medical devices which are subject to compulsory health insurance based on purchase orders submitted to 832 pharmacies or specialised shops all over Slovenia.