About us

The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia - HIIS (Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije - ZZZS) was founded on March 1, 1992, according to the Law on health care and health insurance. Institute conducts its business as a public institute, bound by statute to provide compulsory health insurance and compulsory long-term care insurance.

In the field of compulsory health insurance and compulsory long-term care insurance, the Institute's principal task is to provide effective collection (mobilisation) and distribution (allocation) of public funds, in order to ensure the insured persons quality rights arising from the said funds. The rights arising from compulsory health insurance, furnished by the funds collected by means of compulsory insurance contributions, comprise the rights to health care services and rights to financial benefits (sick leave pay, reimbursement of travel costs). The rights arising from compulsory long-term care insurance are established gradually until December 2025 and are provided in accordance with the law by various institutions (Ministry of Solidarity Future, Centers for Social Work...).

The Institute comprises 10 regional units and 45 branch offices distributed around the territory of Slovenia. The functional unit the Information Centre and the Directorate complete the Institute structure. At the end of 2023, the Institute staff numbered regular 866 employees.

The Institute is governed by an Assembly, whose members are the (elected) representatives of employers (including the representatives of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia) and employees. The executive body of the Assembly is the Institute Board of Directors.

In 2023, the total Institute expenditure in the realisation of the compulsory health insurance was approximately 4,39 billion EUR. This amount refers to the expenditure of (public) funds, collected on the basis of contributions paid by employers and employees, and by several other categories of contribution obligors.