Implementation of Rights with Personal physician

As an insured person, we should, upon occurrence of health related problems, always turn to our selected personal physician first, except in cases of emergency medical aid, when the nearest available physician is to be engaged. Normally, our selected personal physician follows our state of health, keeps our medical record and knows our condition best.

In the first place, the personal physician has the responsibility and authority to:

  • determine temporary leave of absence from work, not exceeding 30 days;
  • refer the insured person to a specialist, for out-patient or hospital treatment;
  • prescribe medicaments ;
  • prescribe medical devices when treating a person at home, or refer the insured person to a specialist for the purpose of prescription of medical aids;
  • order transportation by ambulance and other vehicles;
  • issue the travelling expense reimbursement forms to the insured person;
  • refer the insured person to a medical board or to the Institute of Pension and Disability Insurance of Slovenia's Commission on Disability.

The process of implementation of rights derived from health insurance involves the appointed doctors. These are the ZZZS`s professional bodies. The appointed doctor determine the temporary inability to work exceeding 30 days, refer patients to health resorts for treatment, assess the justification of the replacement of orthopaedic aids prior to their standard service life, and the justification of special medical devices, refer patients abroad for treatment. The primary task of the medical boards is to revise the decisions reached issued by the appointed doctor, at the request of the insured person, the employer, or the ZZZS.