Functional Unit Information Centre

Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije
Področna enota Informacijski center
Miklošičeva cesta 24
1507 Ljubljana

phone: +386 1/30 77 335
fax: +386 1/23 12 667

The Information Centre functional unit is responsible for the provision of uninterrupted operation and development of the Institute information system. 

The Information Centre management:
Mr Branko Rudolf - acting Director (phone: +386 1/30-77-335)
Mr Tomaž Marčun - Head of Application Development Department (phone: +386 1/30-77-306)
Mr Alojz Mestek - Head of System Department (phone: +386 1/30-77-364)
Mr Borut Pohar - Head of Network Department (phone: +386 1/30-77-489)
Mr Robert Romšak - Head of Operations Department (phone: +386 1/30-77-505)
Mrs Mojca Zima - Head of Finance and Accounting Department (phone: +386 1/30-77-441)

Fast developing digital technology is offering vast opportunities of quality operations to a public institute like the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia. 

Over the past decades, the Institute, drawing on informatics, evolved into a modern and progressive organisation capable of quickly adjusting to the demands from its environment. 

The Institute provides web portals with e-services for insured persons and health care providers. Via the state portal SPOT the Institute provides e-services also for employers. 

Using web services the Institute securely and automatically exchange data with the health care providers, several institutions of the Republic of Slovenia, public entities and health insurance companies. 
In-house developed applications with the integrated database support all main internal processes. SAP and other software packages provide support for financial and other general business activities. 

Using data warehouse and business intelligence tool the Institute monitors business indicators and risks, and provides data for further development of its business.

Following the strategic development programme for the period 2020-2025 the Institute will among other solutions 

  • provide new easily accessed e-services for insured persons (e.g. for reimbursement of cost of healthcare services received in other country), 
  • participate in national IT projects like introducing new personal ID card, 
  • implement electronic archive for log-term storing of digital and digitalised documents, 
  • explore possibilities of using artificial intelligence for evaluating digitalised documents which are attached to e-Applications for compulsory health insurance.