Insurance Against Injury at Work and Occupational Disease

Insurance against injury at work and occupational disease is a specific type of insurance that is compulsory for persons carrying out activities referred to in the Healthcare and Health Insurance Act(Articles 17 and 18). The registration/de-registration is made using the M-12 form.


Company employeesalready have this insurance covered on the basis of an application for compulsory social security filed on the M-1 form and no additional application is required.


Who is obliged to have insurance against injury at work and occupational disease?

The following are insured against injury at work and occupational disease:

  • school pupils and students undertaking practical instruction, production work, work experience or educational trips;
  • children and young people with physical and mental developmental difficulties and young people who have sustained an accidental head injury and brain damage during practical instruction at training organisations or during obligatory practical work;
  • persons who, upon completing their education, undertake voluntary practical training, regardless of whether they receive remuneration for such training;
  • disabled military personnel, civilians disabled in war and other disabled persons undergoing vocational rehabilitation or training via practical work and exercises;
  • persons who, on the basis of another legal relationship, carry out work or provide services for payment, where the earnings received under that legal relationship are treated as income and are not exempt from income tax under the law governing income tax, or are not treated as other income under the law governing income tax (for example, work under a copyright contract or work contract);
  • secondary school pupils and post-secondary and university-level students carrying out work via authorised organisations;
  • volunteers;
  • persons carrying out work of general benefit and other work under penal regulations;
  • persons pursuing an activity as a secondary occupation;
  • persons carrying out short-term work under the regulations governing the prevention of undeclared work and employment on a temporary or casual basis under the regulations governing the labour market.

The following persons are insured against injury at work:

  • persons engaged in organised public works of general importance, in rescue operations or in protection, rescue and assistance in natural and other disasters;
  • participants in youth camps in Slovenia;
  • persons carrying out work or tasks in military service or civilian service in lieu of military service, civil protection, the surveillance and intelligence services, or general rescue and relief services or communications units, or persons being trained for defence, protection, relief and assistance;
  • persons assisting home affairs authorities and the persons authorised by those authorities to perform their tasks in accordance with the law;
  • persons performing the tasks of home affairs authorities as persons in the reserve formations of home affairs authorities;
  • persons who perform public and other socially beneficial functions or national duties at the request of state and other authorised authorities.


Registration, changes or de-registration should be done in electronic form via SPOT.