Slovene Health Insurance Card

The health insurance card is an official identity document of persons insured under the compulsory health insurance scheme. The card is issued by the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (HIIS or ZZZS in Slovenian). An insured person must submit the health insurance card when visiting a doctor, or when that person claims and enforces his/her health-related rights. The card enables a simple and fast data transfer among insured persons, insurance companies, and health care service professionals.

By submitting the health insurance card, the insured person allows health care professionals electronic access to information on:

  • the insured person (name and surname, address, gender, date of birth),
  • persons subject to payment of contributions (registration number, title, address, type of contribution payer),
  • compulsory health insurance (validity of insurance),
  • chosen personal physicians (general practitioner or pediatrician, dentist, gynaecologist),
  • prescribed medical devices,
  • prescribed medication,
  • maternity procedures and procedures of artificial insemination,
  • commitment for voluntary post mortem organ and tissue donation for transplantation.

This data is kept by HIIS.

Data kept in the records of HIIS are protected against unauthorised access in such a way that only holders of health professional cards (owned by health care professionals and other authorised workers) can read them. It is only possible to access the information by using the health insurance card and the health professional card at the same time. Access to information is impossible without the health professional card. It is only possible to access data without the health insurance card in events when the card doesn't work, or when the insured person proves his/her medical insurance with a temporary written certificate, or in the event of an emergency situation. Even in such cases it is impossible to access certain sensitive personal information.

Different groups of health care professionals have different access rights. For example, an administrative worker can only access administrative information, while a doctor or pharmacist can access information about medication prescribed to the insured person. A complete authorisation scheme for different groups of health care professionals was approved by the Republic of Slovenia National Medical Ethics Board. Data operators keep records for all accesses to information on insured persons according to the rules in force.


Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, The health insurance card system (Služba za poslovanje s karticami), HIIS (ZZZS), Miklošičeva cesta 24, 1507 Ljubljana