Medicaments on Prescription

A physician may prescribe an insured person any medicament which is approved for circulation in the Republic of Slovenia and is listed in the positive or intermediate list of the ZZZS. The medicament must be entered on a special electronic prescription form. The ZZZS covers only the cost of the medicaments on the positive list, while the cost of the medicaments on the negative list is not covered.

The insured person may collect the medicament, entered on the special prescription, in any pharmacy, and it is advisable to carry the health care identification card on one's person. We should, however, be aware that a physician may only prescribe such medicaments that can be administered without the physician's assistance, or assistance by other health care professionals. The medicaments to be administered by injection or any other medicament which the patient is not qualified to administer, can not be obtained from a chemist's, but only at the physician's surgery.

Indeed, the physician may also prescribe medicaments which are not covered under compulsory health insurance. Such medicaments are to be paid by the insured person themselves. The same applies to the medicaments prescribed on the "white prescription form" (issued by unlisted, purely private, practitioners).

November 2003 saw the introduction of groups of mutually interchangeable medicinal products having a maximum attributed value which is coverd out of health insurance. For that occasion the ZZZS and the Ministry of Health have released special leaflet for insured persons:

Leaflet interchangeable medicinal products

Electronic central base for all medicaments available in Slovenia.