Regional Unit of Ljubljana

Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije
Območna enota Ljubljana
Miklošičeva cesta 24
1507 Ljubljana

phone: +386 1/30-77-200
fax: +386 1/431-21-54

In terms of the volume of operations, the Regional Unit of Ljubljana is the largest of the Institute regional units. Its staff numbers 173. The unit's operational structure is as follows:

  • the regional unit management and seven departments, based at the same address as the Institute headquarters - Ljubljana, Miklošičeva cesta 24,
  • a thirteen branch offices, set up according to geographical principles, in the communities of Cerknica, Domžale, Grosuplje, Hrastnik, Idrija, Kamnik, Kočevje, Litija, Logatec, Ribnica, Trbovlje, Vrhnika and Zagorje.

The Regional Unit management:

  • Mr. Bogdan Tušar, Director (phone: +386 1/30-77-292)
  • Head of the Health Insurance Realisation Department (also responsible for the complaints made by the insured persons): Mr Rok Mihelčič (phone: +386 1/30-77-388)
  • Head of the International Insurance Department: Mrs Vanja Kobentar (phone: +386 1 30-77-700)
  • Head of the Planning and Analysis Department: Mr Robert Završnik (phone: +386 1/30-77-419)
  • Head of the Finance and Accounting Department: Mrs Barbara Knific (phone: +386 1/30-77-468)
  • Head of the Appointed doctors and Medical Supervision Department: m. sc. Nina Margan (phone: +386 1/30-77-707)
  • Head of the Legal and Personnel Department: Mrs Jerneja Erjavec (phone: +386 1/30-77-284)

Information and complaints:

  • Information concerning the realisation of health insurance is freely available to insured persons, health care service providers and other citizens at the RU Ljubljana headquarters, from the respective heads of departments, and at branch offices.
  • Complaints against the operation of the RU Ljubljana are monitored by the Health Insurance Realisation Department, and the Personnel and General Affairs Department. The complaints and commendations books are available at the RU Ljubljana headquarters - at reception, and the complaints and commendations are also collected in the letter boxes, located in the hall at the headquarters, as well as in the branch offices.