Studying in Slovenia

Citizens of EU Member States, EEA, Switzerland and Australia

Insured persons from the EU member states, EEA and Switzerland have the right to obtain emergency or necessary health care services during their temporary residence in the Republic of Slovenia, with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a certificate.

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Students with valid health insurance in Australia can assert only urgent medical care and must present their MEDICARE card and a passport.

Citizens of Republic of North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Serbia, and Montenegro

Insured person from countries, which have concluded a bilateral agreement on social security (Republic of North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Serbia, and Montenegro) have the right to the emergency healthcare services. The form RM/SI 3, BIH/SI 3, SRB/SI 03 or MNE/SI 03, which can be obtained at the competent institution, where the person is insured, is to be submitted to the competent branch office of the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (hereinafter ZZZS). ZZZS issues a form (Potrdilo MedZZ) which allows student access to emergency medical services from healthcare providers who have a contract with the ZZZS.

Citizens of third countries

Students from countries, which are not in the EU or EEA, from Switzerland, Australia, or countries without bilateral agreement with Slovenia, conclude the compulsory health insurance in Slovenia (Article 15 point 14 of the Health Care and Health Insurance Act). You can arrange registration for health insurance at the branch unite of ZZZS. The person liable for registration is the person himself, using the M-1 form.

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Documents required by ZZZS are:

  • ID
  • Enrollment certificate or certificate of training;
  • Statement on the payment of premium, if the insurance holder is not the person responsible for payment.

Flat-rate premium is to be paid monthly.

Based on their inclusion in the insurance system of Slovenia, international students have access to health care services within the scope of compulsory health insurance. The difference to the full price of the health services must be paid by the insured person.