Purchase of a medical device in another EU member state

The personal physician of an insured person prescribes the insured person expendable medical devices and medical devices required for treatments or home care (such as a standard wheelchair, diapers, ostomy pouches, papers for a glucose measuring apparatus, bandages etc.). Other types of medical devices (for example ortheses, hearing aids, glasses) are prescribed by a specialised doctor of the relevant field. The most complex devices (for example prostheses, certain ortheses and wheelchairs for complex mobility impairments), where a team management of the insured person is required, are prescribed by a specialised doctor of the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Rehabilitation. The ZZZS may authorise only individual specialised doctors to prescribe certain types of medical devices, such medical devices may only be prescribed by these doctors, for instance orthopaedic footwear based on a plaster casing, insulin pumps, a system for continuous glucose monitoring, breathing aid apparatus.

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Reimbursement of costs of medical devices, purchased in other EU countries

The insured person shall be reimbursed purchase costs of those medical devices that the insured person is entitled to under the compulsory health insurance, except purchase costs of:

> rented medical devices. Currently, the list includes the following medical devices:

  • oxygen concentrator or another source of oxygen,
  • continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine,
  • bed pillows to prevent bedsores - standard,
  • customized children’s tricycles,
  • bathroom lift,
  • ventilator,
  • standard hand propelled wheelchair or standard wheelchair for children,
  • safety bed rails,
  • trapeze for turning,
  • aspirator,
  • stilts,
  • bed lifters,
  • nursing bed,
  • electric nursing bed with trapeze for turning, safety bed rails and bedside table,
  • bedside table,
  • portable backrest,
  • insulin pump for an insured person with diabetes under insulin treatment before planned pregnancy, during pregnancy and during the breastfeeding stage who has a difficult type of diabetes),
  • electric scooter,
  • standard armchair,
  • bilevel positive airway pressure apparatus,
  • pulse oximeter,
  • expectorant.

> guide dog for the blind.

Amount of cost reimbursement the insured person in entitled to

The actual price of the medical device, purchased in another EU country, with the following limitations:

  • in case of medical devices for which a standard price is set, not more than the standard price in Slovenia;
  • in case of medical devices or series-produced medical devices for which a contractual price is set, not more than the contractual price in Slovenia;
  • in cases where it is established that only a medical device with a price exceeding the standard or contractual price is suitable for an insured person, the lowest price of such a medical device.

Cost reimbursement procedure

Insured persons claim cost reimbursement based on an application they submit at a regional unit or office of the ZZZS.

The application must also include the following:

  • data on the insured person claiming reimbursement,
  • bank account data,
  • original of the issued order form or EU order form (the order form must be issued before receiving the medical device in another EU country),
  • invoice for the purchased medical device and
  • eventual other supporting documents, if the relevant authority requests them.

If the documents are in a foreign language, a Slovenian translation is required upon request of the ZZZS.

Application form for reimbursement of purchase costs of a medical device

You can submit an application via an online form (you do not need a digital certificate for electronic signing to submit).

Application for reimbursement of costs of a medical device, purchased in another EU country

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