Medical Devices

An insured person has the right to medical devices which facilitate an improvement in primary life functions, overcome hindrances in their environment, or prevent a significant deterioration in the state of health or even the death of the insured person. These medical devices include orthopaedic, orthoses, hearing and other medical devices - see list of medical devices with prices, medical criteria, authorization and procedures.

In connection with the prescription of medical devices, we shall point out that the personal physician is only authorised to prescribe medical devices required for care and treatment at home, while all other devices may only be prescribed by a specialist. Certain medical devices require prior approval by the Institute, and in certain cases, an assessment of justification by an appointed doctor.

The right to medical devices is implemented by an insured person according to the set standard, which concerns the functionality, specification of materials and prices. Some of the devices are issued on loan, namely those that are not needed by the affected persons for permanent use. After use, the insured person or their family should return the medical device issued to the ZZZS`s contractual partner.

Implementation of rights to certain medical devices is subject to a preliminary period of insurance, namely in the case of persons re-entering compulsory health insurance following an interruption exceeding three months. The duration of the preliminary period is six months in the case of devices to vision, hearing devices and dental prosthetic devices, and three months in the case of other medical devices. This restriction does not apply to injuries at work and occupational diseases.

List of contractual suppliers of medical devices in Slovenia.

List of medical devices by contractual supplier in Slovenia.