Waiting periods

The contracts between the ZZZS and providers of medical services determine the waiting periods for first examinations and analyses, as well as the waiting periods for the programme of hospitals and other activities when waiting periods apply.

If practitioners are unable to provide insured persons with prompt treatment within the programme agreed with the ZZZS, they are required to keep a waiting book pursuant to the valid legislation. They must also observe the order of the waiting-book in accordance with the expert prioritisation of cases. The date and time of a medical examination, analysis or intervention must be determined upon the registration of an insured person in the waiting book. During medical treatment, providers of medical services must ensure waiting periods compliant with the valid medical doctrine and provisions of their contracts with the ZZZS. First examinations in general practices, and children’s and school dispensaries must be provided without waiting periods. Since the waiting periods of individual providers of medical services vary considerably, insured persons are advised to consult waiting periods prior to selecting their doctor or institution, and compare them to waiting the periods of other providers.

Access to waiting periods by selected medical services and by its provider

Access to monthly reports about waiting periods in the past month by selected medical services