Supplementation of the application for the authorisation of treatment abroad

The application is intended for the supplementation of an already submitted application for prior authorisation of scheduled treatment abroad. An official of the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia will ask you to supplement the application if it is found that your application is incomplete.

Enter the data and click "Continue". The mandatory data are marked with a star " * ". Where the data have the letter " " next to them, you can read an additional explanation or tips for the entry of the data.

The files containing evidence must be prepared in the PDF format. The maximum permitted size of an attachment is 3MB. The size of attachment cannot exceed 3MB. Attach the document by clicking Select file.  In case of an error, you can delete the attachment by clicking X next to the file. You can attach several files. To convert images into the PDF format use one of the dedicated apps. The text in the files should not be highlighted with markers. 

Send your completion of the application by clicking "Submit". To be informed about the successfully received application via e-mail, indicate your e-mail address in the completion of the application.